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- The Best Easy Scenic Bike Rides

(Big Earth Publishers/Westcliffe Publishing, 2014).  2nd edition coming in late October 2017 from enCYCLEpress will be available on Amazon.com and in select stores.



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Welcome to the wonderful world of easy scenic cycling. There's no need to buy expensive cycling clothes or join a club (not that there's anything wrong with that!), fear for your life on the highways, or be in top physical condition like some of the athletes in your circles. Just hop on a safe, well-fitting bike, put on a well-fitting helmet (our recommendation but not required if over 18), become comfortable riding the bike, and thrill to all that Southern California has to offer, just about any day of the year!

Enjoy some fresh air, scenery, companionship or even solitude if you fancy getting away from it all; a great way to generate creative thoughts. We sampled the trails and routes of SoCal, and came up with the best of the best for your enjoyment. The trails are even rated 1 to 4 stars; of course that's our opinion based on a number of factors combined with the opinion of others that went along with us.

Your experience doesn't have to end with what is in the book. You'll notice that the book is already a hefty volume, but it could have been much bigger and heavier. Just like editors shorten movies to fit within certain space and criteria, the same can be done to guidebooks. While the book is the final optimized product, regard this website as the Director's Cut (or sometimes more appropriately "Deleted Scenes"), and find full versions of ride descriptions that were chosen for the editing floor because they did not fit our criteria for the purposes of this book as well as others did. Book owners can request copies of those ride descriptions, as well as selected maps to take along on the ride, by contacting us via e-mail using a password as described in the CONTACT  section. In some cases, instead of re-inventing the wheel, the Take-Along Map is a link to a publicly available map available to all.

And then there's errata, indicated by X. In a book this densely packed with info it's virtually impossible to get it all correct, especially in the first edition. Chances are you wouldn't have noticed these minor items, since we didn't after a gazillion reads! If you find more, please let us know via e-mail.

BUY THE BOOK - enCYCLEpedia's 1st Edition is no longer available. Stay tuned until late October 2017 when an updated 2nd Edition will be available.


Once the book is re-printed, you can purchase a signed copy by following instructions on the bottom of the CONTACT page. The book can also be personally dedicated by this method.
Once the 2nd Edition is released you can also order the book on-line from amazon.com.

ALSO CHECK THESE FINE SO CAL BOOKSELLERS  Some may still have a copy of the first edition of the book. However the updated 2nd Edition will be available in early November 2017. Request it from your favorite book shop.

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