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This is the companion website for the travel guidebooks written by Richard Fox, a combination of penderhandbook.com and enCYCLEpedia.net.

This site acts as an extension of the books, containing updates, news, features, links, corrections, and anything else that didn't make it into the books or came to light post-publication.

The Pender Islands Handbook

Published in 2006, a 2nd edition in 2009, and a 10th Anniversary Edition in 2016, this 400-page book contains just about everything one could need to know about the beautiful island located in the Salish Sea between Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Now available on Pender Island and on line at  Amazon.com  Amazon.ca Amazon.co.uk and BN.com.

enCYCLEpedia Southern California - The Best Easy Scenic Bike Rides

This colorful guidebook was published in April 2014, perfect for bicyclists who like to enjoy beautiful, fun, safe rides. Click here to get to the enCYCLEpedia pages.


enCYCLEpedia Blog contains photo essays of rides included in this book, plus elsewhere in the US and Canada, including "Top 10" lists, and media coverage. Click here for the external link. Click here for a list of articles. 


Sadly Westcliffe/Big Earth went bankrupt and the book is currently out of print and only available at some SoCal Barnes & Noble Stores. A new updated/improved edition is in the works and will probably be available in October 2017, available from this site and on Amazon, various SoCal stores, etc.

enCYCLEpedia was featured in the May 22, 2015 Orange County Register

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enCYCLEpedia book owners can obtain feature articles, such as "Best of" ride lists, and expanded ride descriptions such as the North San Diego Coast (SDC1) tour. Some features are available via clickable links. For others look for
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WHERE TO BUY the books: The Pender Islands Handbook 10th Anniversary Edition is sold at Pender Island's new Visitors Centre at the Driftwood Centre Chamber of Commerce office, as well as in  Talisman Books for $25 CDN. It is also available on line from  Amazon.com and BN.com in the US. for $19.95 US and on Amazon.ca for approx $26 CDN.   

enCYCLEpedia Southern California is now temporarily out of print due to publisher issues (ie they are out of business),  List price $26.95 US. It can no longer be purchased from the author directly, and on Amazon, people are gouging.  However you can still find it at Barnes & Noble SoCal stores or a handful of bookstores.  Watch for a 2nd Edition in October 2017.

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